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Fun and Achievable Designed for Kids to be successful coding. (~ 1 minute video)

Core Features

Feature 2

Live Classes

CodeCampKidz offers Live Sessions that include Chat, Presentation, QA and Real Time Code Reviews.

When we meet, we will use ClickMeeting. Use the Chrome browser and a computer that supports audio/video. All you need to do is click an Icon to connect.

Real Time Code Reviews are available for both the lesson series and individual projects in the Playroom. They provide an experience similar to having the instructor looking over your shoulder and guiding you as you code.

Feature 3


Our unique, easy to use, e-learning platform was designed for kids to be successful coding. It is specifically developed to teach kids remotely without an instructor and is available 24/7.

It incorporates visual aids, audio instructions, sample code, interactive exercises, error checking, a development environment and page hosting to move kids step by step towards project completion.

Specific coding techniques and concepts are demonstrated in each project on a progressive path towards skill mastery.

Feature 4

New Projects

New projects are currently being developed and will roll out on a monthly basis as the project catalog grows.

The level 1 projects are foundational and provide a basis on which to build. Each project is designed to introduce the kids to specific coding techniques that can be used in a real world application.

All the projects follow the step by step, line by line, learn by doing format and will incorporate mobile as well as traditional development.

Feature 1

Tablet Friendly

CodeCampKidz is presented in a responsive layout that will adjust to accommodate tablet displays.

It is developed to be touch friendly and will support touch sensitive screens. Some kids may need to adjust the font size of the display on a tablet or otherwise use the zoom features to increase readability.

CodeCampKidz has been thoroughly tested on an Apple IPad.

Bonus Features

Feature 1

The Toolbox

Each course you take will introduce you to new concepts and coding techniques. When you complete each course the code techniques you have learned will be added to your toolbox. As you complete more classes your toolbox and range of code techniques will continue to grow.

Feature 2

The Playroom

Now it’s your turn to apply what you have learned in a free style development area. You can select coding techniques from your toolbox and combine them to create apps that are truly your own creations. Feel free to play with the code as you develop. Trial and error is the best way to discover what works best in a real world app.

Questions? Get in touch!