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Educators & Partners Start your own CodeCampKidz classes

Are you interested in using CodeCampKidz in your classroom or afterschool program? We will provide you with a proven learning platform for middle school students, project curriculum & teacher training. You and your students can choose whether to do the projects at the same time in a classroom setting or at home. Click here for more information.

Learn to Code Online Learn to code at your convenience from anywhere

CodeCampKidz invites you to join us in our virtual classroom if you can't make one of our weekly classes at the Microsoft Stores. You will work through the same structured series of projects writing real HTML, CSS & Javascript code progressing from the basics to more advanced topics. We will work together face-to-face and collaborate in real time to make sure you succeed. Click here to get started.

Core Features

Feature 2

24/7 Access & Live Sessions

CodeCampKidz offers 24/7 access to work on projects. Live Sessions include Chat, Presentations, QA and Real Time Code Reviews.

Feature 3


Our unique easy to use e-learning platform was designed for kids to be successful. It is specifically developed to teach kids remotely and is available 24/7.

Feature 4

New Projects

New projects are currently being developed and will roll out on a monthly basis as the project catalog grows.

Feature 1

Tablet Friendly

CodeCampKidz is presented in a responsive layout that will adjust to accommodate tablet displays.

TheCodeCampKidz Difference Learn To Code by working on your own projects!

  • Blended Learning
    CodeCampKidz combines online projects with real time code reviews, instant messaging and live meetings to create a fully supported, self paced learning environment specifically for middle school students.
  • Project Based
    Learn by building. Each project includes an overview video, session notes, code immersion lessons, "how to" video(s), and a hands on developer challenge. The Playroom offers plenty of opportunity to create your own projects using the code you've learned!
  • Real Time Code Reviews
    The "Code Review" features of CodeCampKidz allow a student and instructor to collaborate in real time on the same code base during a code review session as if they were sitting side by side working to solve the problem.
  • Real World Templates
    CodeCampKidz builds real coding skill by creating real world project templates that can be re-used and customized for school and personal projects. We provide continued page hosting and access for future personal projects!

Highly Recommended Here's what others are saying...

"I found CampCodeKidz to be an ideal way to learn to code. The program is intuitive and well designed."

~ Maureen Devlin, edM, NBPTC (click for article)

"The first thing that struck me about CodeCampKidz was the simplicity of the screen design. It was very intuitive and only presented the options required to complete the immediate task. "

~ Michael Karlin, The Ed Tech Round Up (click for article)

"I just love coding on your website."

~ Marco W