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Learn To Code - You Can Do It!

Online Classes Run Daily Flexible Schedule: Join us when you can at 7pm EST for guidance, questions and code reviews

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We Will Teach You HTML, CSS, Bootstrap JS, Javascript & jQuery

We will take you on a tour through various programming languages and toolkits, connecting the dots and showing you how it all works together. In each class you will work through a new project(s) as you move through the levels. You will write REAL HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQUery & Javascript code, progressing from the basics to more advanced topics, building skill and self-confidence along the way. We will assist you at every step with personal mentoring, debugging, and code reviews. No experience is required. Open a gateway to your future and start today.

Level 1
HTML & CSS Basics

10 Projects
8 - 10 sessions to complete
Click for the Level 1 Syllabus

Level 2
Responsive Layouts with Bootstrap JS

10 Projects
10 - 15 sessions to complete
Click for the Level 2 Syllabus

Level 3
Javascript & jQuery in Action

10 Projects
15+ sessions to complete
Click for the Level 3 Syllabus

Learning To Code At The Microsoft Stores Now you can do the same program right from home when you want to!

We Offer You Learn by building under the guidance of an experienced coder!

  • Online Classes With Live Instructors
    We make it easy to participate with CodeCampKidz. Just sign up and login a few minutes before your class begins. When the instructor comes online click the MEET icon to join the meet. You will learn the basics of HTML & CSS. Continued learning plans are available.
  • Self-Paced Project Based Learning
    CodeCampKidz builds real world coding skill by walking students through new projects line by line at their own pace. We combine online projects with live real time support using the latest in video conferencing technology to create a fully supported, self-paced learning environment specifically for middle school students.
  • Flexible Schedule
    You are free to come and go as your schedule permits. CodeCampKidz is designed to be flexible. All students work at their own pace picking up where you left off. Classes run daily.
  • Your Own Space
    Apply what you have learned on a personal project of your choosing after completing each project! We will support you with code reviews and personal guidance to make sure you succeed! When you are finished you can show your projects to the world exactly as you designed them.

Highly Recommended Here's what others are saying...

"I found CampCodeKidz to be an ideal way to learn to code. The program is intuitive and well designed."

~ Maureen Devlin, edM, NBPTC (click for article)

"The first thing that struck me about CodeCampKidz was the simplicity of the screen design. It was very intuitive and only presented the options required to complete the immediate task. "

~ Michael Karlin, The Ed Tech Round Up (click for article)

"I just love coding on your website."

~ Marco W

CodeCampKidz Makes A Difference! Here's what Mom & Dad have to say ...

CodeCampKidz has been running for 4 years now. Our original kids are starting to enter high school. Here's what Mom & Dad have to say. Click HERE for a range of examples in the student showcase.

Hi CodeCampKidz,

Just confirming last class for the boys tomorrow after school….they loved it. A few, including my William, signed up for computer science electives for 9th grade so you certainly inspired them! Wish we had more time for next level but Spring sports are upon us!



Hi CodeCampKidz,

Thank you for your follow up. Angie enjoyed your classes, so this summer I taught her Scratch and Python. She just started High School, and is now in a programming club.

I think your enthusiasm helped her become more interested in programming.

Kind regards,


~ created by Krish at CodeCampKidz
~ created by Aarush at CodeCampKidz

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