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Help Kids Learn To Code And Earn $5 Each

We Will Introduce Them to Coding in a Fun and Achievable Way (Ages 12+)

Kids Learn By Building Their Own Projects They can work remotely, at their own pace, and on their schedule.

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How It Works


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We offer $5 per sign up and send a check each month.
(the student is charged $20, we keep $15 and payout $5)

Our History

Girl Scouts

We work with over 40 Girl Scout Councils across 28 states teaching girls to code for their Journey and Badge Programs.

Microsoft Stores

We worked with the Microsoft Stores to bring a "Live Coding Experience" to the big screen during weekly coding events.

Public School Systems

We worked in the Public School Systems as an after school enrichment program and had "coding events" in collaboration with Microsoft.


In the early years, we worked in the Newton Public Library offering free coding classes to young learners.

Special Needs Clinic (where we began)

We started in a special needs clinic as an experiement to help kids with Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Disorder and Working Memory Disorder learn to code.

The CodeCampKidz Program

Ready to learn how to code for real? Build your website programming skills with our fun and achievable online learning platform. You'll work with experienced professional coders, overcome obstacles, build problem solving skills, and develop confidence as an independent web developer.

Work At Your Own Pace You are welcome to come and go picking up where you left off

CodeCampKidz is an online self-paced program that enables young learners to work with experienced coders in a step-by-step project oriented environment. Work on your projects when you want on your schedule. There is no timeline for completion. If you need some guidance, request a code review and one of our instructors will be happy to help. After completing each lesson series, you will have the opportunity to apply what you have learned on a personal project of your choosing. When you finish, a Certificate of Completion will be emailed to you.

Build Your Own Projects Pick up where you left off and work your way through the project catalog one project at a time.

Available Learning Paths HTML, CSS, Bootstrap JS, JavaScript & jQuery


with HTML & CSS
Click for the Syllabus


for phones and devices

with Bootstrap JS
Click for the Syllabus


with JavaScript & jQuery
Click for the Syllabus

An "On Ramp" For Learning To Code

The best way to look at CodeCampKidz is as an "On Ramp" for learning to code. We take students with little or no code writing experience and work with them step-by-step, line-by-line, project-by-project to help them build a coding skillset that is in use daily on the Internet. Students can use what they learn here as a foundation for future classes in coding, building both practical skill and self confidence.

The Results: Projects Coded by Students Using what they learned along the way

Women in Programming
Top 5 reasons YOU should be a girl scout
Learning Mandarin for Beginners
Making the mind
Three Knots All GS Should Know
The Vaquitas Need Your Help!
Let's Get It MacrON!
Learn to Draw a Cat!
Help the Earth and your community!
What is the Role of an Occupational Therapist

What People Are Saying ... How was your experience with CodeCampKidz?

It was great. I wanted to see how it went before I emailed the rest of my troop. I was very happy. I think you explain things very well, and the instructions are very helpful. I already told the rest of my troop about it. ~ Marilyn
Lailah really enjoyed it! She kept working after the class. ~ Tracy
Kayla loved it! We had a little difficulty getting started but it helped a lot that the instructor was there live in person to help navigate it. She is excited to try and move on with the lessons to see what she can do. ~ Stephanie
Zoe is really enjoying her coding class. I am so glad that I came across this wonderful program. ~ Rochelle
Thank you for your follow up. Angie enjoyed your classes, so this summer I taught her Scratch and Python. She just started High School, and is now in a programming club. I think your enthusiasm helped her become more interested in programming. ~ John
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Aya enjoyed it! It was a new experience for her. ~ Kori
Sophia completed HTML Basics and enjoyed the project. She’ll be working on the next lesson this evening. Thanks for checking on her. ~ Angel
I think it went well. She has started on the lessons and is looking forward to learning more. ~ Kerry
She thought it was good and had fun coding. She’s excited to build the page to get her badges. ~ Alysia
Amy enjoyed it and and is looking forward to continuing on. Thanks for your help. ~ Nathan
It went well. I will be signing up for the monthly subscription by the end of the week. ~ Zia
It's going great!! She loves it. ~ Rochelle
Tiffany enjoyed it and is looking forward to working on the other projects. ~ Jessica
Lilah is enjoying working on her coding projects. How do we renew so she can finish Level 1? ~ Christina
It went well! The instructor was friendly and helpful and everything is clear to understand. ~ John
She is enjoying the class. Thank you. ~ Judy
She loved it! She’s excited to keep going! ~ Stephanie
Zekiah really enjoyed CodeCampKidz! She takes a Coding Class at school, so she will be able to apply what she learned In class. ~ Sharon
Arley says that Maria is really helpful. She likes the classes because "otherwise it gets confusing and she gets stuck sometimes.". ~ Rebecca
Samantha enjoyed the class. ~ Melissa
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and earn $5 each for your efforts.
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