Disney World vs. Disneyland

Disney World is located in Orlando, Florida and the resort has 4 theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. Disneyland is located in Anaheim, California and the resort has 2 theme parks: Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. Both Disney resorts have some of the same rides, but there are also unique rides that are only located in one of the resorts. Also, sometimes both resorts have the same ride name, but the ride itself can be different like Pirates of the Caribbean has 2 minor drops on the boat ride in Disneyland in California, but the ride only has 1 drop in the boat ride in Disney World in Florida.

My 5 Favorite Disney Rides
  1. Tower of Terror in Disney World
  2. California Screamer in Disneyland
  3. Soarin in both Disney World and Disneyland
  4. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in DisneyWorld
  5. Mickey's Fun Wheel in Disneyland
Why I Like Disney World (DW) Better Than Disneyland (DL)
  • DW has 4 theme parks and over 160 attractions (vs. 2 theme parks and just over 90 attractions in DL)
  • 3 days is enough time to visit DL and see all attractions, I prefer spending 5-6 days in DW and still not seeing everything
  • DW has more restaurants and better food, plus there are numerous themed hotels on site so you can find a perfect fit
  • DW has a huge, impressive and beautiful castle which is much more stunning upon entering the park than the DL castle