A 14 year old girl programmed this to let you know
that there is an isssue in software development.
Only 28.7% of software programmers are women
There are not enough women in programming and software development.
Many of the very first programmers were women. For decades, the number of women in programming increased faster than men. Up until 1984, when it stopped increasing, and began decreasing.

The main cause for this was the invention of personal computers and the stereotypes around them. The first personal computers were mostly used to play games and were marketed entirely towards men. This began to create the idea that this kind of thing was only for boys. These stereotypes were only strengthened by movies and other media.

Now, many women are unconsciously influenced by these stereotypes and receive bias because of them. Only around 16% of women ever get a career in technology suggested to them.

The number of women in programming has only gone up 2% in the last 20 years.

Ways to get girls started in programming:
Resources: Learning: Competitions:
Famous Women in Programming:
Ada Lovelace
Born in 1815, Ada Lovelace is considered to be the very first computer programmer.
Grace Hopper
Born in 1906, Grace Hopper was a computer scientist and served in the US Navy.
The ENIAC programmers
These 6 ladies created the first fully electric programable computer.
Evelyn Boyd Granville
Born in 1924, Evelyn Boyd Granville was the second woman to get a PHD in mathematics and later joined the US space technology laboratories.
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