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Level 1: HTML5 & CSS3 Basics

HTML is now supported on the Web, Mobile Phones, Game Consoles, Car Dashboards and Apps yet to be created. Join the fun. Learn this foundational skill by building your first pages and showing them to the world. You can do it!

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About this Level 1

CodeCampKidz Level 1 will introduce you to coding pages in a fun and achievable way. No experience is required. You will write real HTML5 and CSS3 code, progressing from the basics to more advanced projects, building skill and self-confidence along the way. CodeCampKidz can be used for school, community service and personal projects. We host the pages for free.

Whether you are interested in being a programmer or just wants to know how things work, you can take advantage of the same field tested and proven learning techniques ONLY available on CodeCampKidz! During our time together we'll mix video presentation, session notes, hands-on code immersion, and developer challenges while working through each project.

We are there to support you every step of the way and are online most days to offer assistance or by appointment. Just click the IM Chat icon or Meeting icon and we can collaborate in real time on the same code document.

Level 1: HTML & CSS Coding
Syllabus: Click Here
Effort: 10 - 16 hours
Level: Beginner
Grades: 6 - 8
Format: Online with Support
Fee:   $195

What you will learn

  1. The 5 basic HTML tags required for a valid HTML5 document.
  2. How to create CSS styles and link them to HTML elements.
  3. The CSS Box Model and the effects of margin and padding.
  4. How to add graphic images and links.
  5. Manipulating text content with special CSS effects.
  6. Creating HTML tables, lists, iFrames and adding You Tube videos.
  7. Working with HTML5 MP3 Audio clips and user controls.
  8. Working with HTML5 MP4 Video clips and user controls.
  9. Working with HTML5 Forms and Question Types.
Click HERE for a FULL LIST of Projects

Why CodeCampKidz?

  • Progressive project based instruction
  • Personal guidance and code reviews for each student
  • Flexibility to work on projects when you have the time
  • Proven effective learning format developed in a clinical setting
  • Taught at some of the Top Middle Schools in MA
    • #7 Wayland Middle School
    • #8 F.A. Day, Newton
    • #12 Concord Middle
  • Learning in-demand "Real World Skills" you can use today
  • Continued page hosting and access for future personal projects

What people are saying

"Newton Library CodeCampKidz Fills Up in No Time. Unfortunately the registration list, which opened three days ago, is already filled, as is the waiting list."
~ NewtonSTEM (click for article)

"I found CampCodeKidz to be an ideal way to learn to code. The program is intuitive and well designed."
~ Maureen Devlin, edM, NBPTC (click for article)

"The first thing that struck me about CodeCampKidz was the simplicity of the screen design. It was very intuitive and only presented the options required to complete the immediate task. Additionally, the site uses audio instructions for each step of the project, something that you don't see in free coding sites like CodeAcademy. These are great for younger students, or students who prefer audio over text-based instruction."
~ Michael Karlin, The Ed Tech Round Up (click for article)

Meet the instructor

Rian Sousa, CodeCampKidz founder and 20+ year software developer.

I created CodeCampKidz to teach my daughter and her friends how to code real apps. We start with the basics and progress from there in a cumulative fashion building skill as each project is completed. The goal is to make coding fun and achievable for all kids. Enabling them to create their own pages and be self confident developers.

I want to learn to code!

Go through the first two projects to decide if CodeCampKidz is right for you. You can change the information and pay later.