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Teach Kids to Code in Your Classroom for FREE

Middle School Teachers - Invest 30 Minutes of Your Time and Start Your Class!

Introduce your students to real coding in a fun and achievable way right in your own classroom. Getting started is easy and will only require about 30 minutes of your time. The Quick Start Guide will take you step-by-step as you work through the 1st project as a student and perform your first "code review" as an instructor. In the process you will have learned how to run a CodeCampKidz class and will be able to start one at your convenience. We can support you via Skype or Click Meeting Classroom to answer your questions and help you on your way.

Check Out the Student Showcase for A Range of Examples.

What Your Students Will Learn for Free The basics of building HTML and CSS web pages

  • Project 1: HTML Basics (30 minutes)
    If you are new to the Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) this is a good place to start. HTML is the language a web browser uses to construct and show a page. In this project you will learn the basic structure needed to support a valid HTML page.
  • Project 2: CSS Basics (30 minutes)
    Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) give life to pages. They add colors, borders and a host of other effects. In this project you will learn the basic structure needed to support styles and the basic idea of how they work.
  • Project 3: CSS Box Model (45 minutes)
    All HTML elements are actually boxes. In this project you will learn some layout and design basics using padding, borders and margins to change the spacing of one element in relation to another.
  • Project 4: London Bridge at Night (60+ minutes)
    Have fun, learn to code, and program your first web page. You'll develop a basic skill foundation in HTML5 (structure) and CSS3 (style) while building step by step and watching your page grow.

"I found CampCodeKidz to be an ideal way to learn to code. The program is intuitive and well designed."

~ Maureen Devlin, edM, NBPTC (click for article)

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TheCodeCampKidz Difference Learn to code one project at a time!

  • Your Class
    Each week students work through a new project learning new code or techniques. They then apply what they have learned to a personal project under the guidance of an instructor.
  • Self-Paced Project Based Learning
    Students work at their own pace while learning to code. Each project includes an overview video, session notes, code immersion lessons, "how to" video(s), and a hands on personal project.
  • Real Time Code Reviews
    The "Code Review" features of CodeCampKidz allow a student and instructor to collaborate in real time on the same code during a review session for personal mentoring and guidance.
  • Real World Templates
    CodeCampKidz builds real world coding skill that is in use today by creating project templates and a toolkit that can be customized for school and personal projects. We provide continued page hosting and access for future personal projects!